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Spy Microphone, Outdoor Hidden Microphone DVR External Camera Sound For CCTV Surveillance

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  • Perfect For CCTV Surveillance - spy microphone is suitable for use as a secure microphone for CCTV security cameras, compatible with AV input devices, including DVRs, VCRs, TVs and other low frequency amplifiers.
  • The Audio Surveillance - hidden microphone is equipped with an advanced Qualitative Preamplifier that allows the microphone's low output voltage to be increased to a more usable level. The perfect high-sensitivity sound pickup gadget.
  • Function - Surveillance microphone features High gain, automatic level adjustment and Sensitivity adjustment, compatible with different cables or power cords. Provide you with clear, clear sound quality.
  • Easy To Install - You can easily connect the spy microphone to a 500-foot audio cable and install it anywhere you can't see, like on the room, patio, porch. Don't worry about audio quality damage.
  • Designed For Covert Surveillance Camera - FCC, CE Standard, and Specifications approved, compatible with BNC cable, power adapter, DVR and camera(not included). The combination of hidden microphone and CCTV video can provide you with complete audiovisual recording.
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Looking for a pickup device for your room? There is a pro Spy Microphone here, and the work can be done correctly every time.

Spy Microphone

The microphone has a built-in microprocessor chip and an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit. Transmitter Distance: 3281 (1000M) & 100M2 Working Area. Working Current: 0.5-60ma Frequency: 100-6000HZ.

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High-Quality Material

The hidden microphone is made of the finest material compatible with residential and professional monitoring equipment.

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Clear Sound Quality

the microphone is the perfect low noise, and high fidelity spy microphone featuring adjustable sound sensitivity. What you hear from the surveillance microphone is buzz free and you won't miss any detail.

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Audio Surveillance

CCTV mic is suitable for working as an audio pickup device. You can use it with your existing system, compatible with the RCA microphone kit and the current system.

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Hidden Microphone

The special compact design and compatibility with a variety of cables make it a great camouflage that you can easily use in your yard, porch or garage, or anywhere else in your home to monitor everything happening in your home.

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