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Audio Surveillance

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Audio Surveillance Spy Microphone, Outdoor Hidden Microphone DVR External Camera Sound For CCTV Surveillance

$29.99 $29.99

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  • Perfect For CCTV Surveillance - spy microphone is suitable for use as a secure microphone for CCTV security cameras, compatible with AV input devices, including DVRs, VCRs, TVs and other low frequency amplifiers.
  • The Audio Surveillance - hidden microphone is equipped with an advanced Qualitative Preamplifier that allows the microphone's low output voltage to be increased to a more usable level. The perfect high-sensitivity sound pickup gadget.
  • Function - Surveillance microphone features High gain, automatic level adjustment and Sensitivity adjustment, compatible with different cables or power cords. Provide you with clear, clear sound quality.
  • Easy To Install - You can easily connect the spy microphone to a 500-foot audio cable and install it anywhere you can't see, like on the room, patio, porch. Don't worry about audio quality damage.
  • Designed For Covert Surveillance Camera - FCC, CE Standard, and Specifications approved, compatible with BNC cable, power adapter, DVR and camera(not included). The combination of hidden microphone and CCTV video can provide you with complete audiovisual recording.

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